Services at Perry-McStay Funeral Home

Traditional Funeral Services
With this option you receive public visiting hours or a private family viewing followed by a service at the funeral home or in your church. Services will conclude with either burial or cremation.

Graveside Services
This is a service held at the graveside location with clergy, family and friends. This can be a public or private service.

Cremation Services
There are many cremation options available from which to choose. We can accommodate traditional visiting hours at the funeral home, followed by a church or funeral home service prior to cremation or a memorial service at the funeral home or church after cremation with a public or private invitation. Also available to those who so wish, is immediate cremation followed by a memorial or graveside service at a date convenient for family members.

Personalized Tributes
Some people are looking for a more colorful, personalized ways to say goodbye to loved ones. Such services often include music, videos, photographs and other mementos that celebrate the individuality of the deceased. It is important to utilize the funeral director, his staff and facilities to personalize the funeral/memorial service that you envision.

Preplanning your own or loved one’s funeral prior to a death allows you to express your own wishes and relieve your family of the burdensome and stressful decisions at an emotional time. Preplanning does not require prepayment; however a prepayment option is available. The Perry-McStay Funeral Home is in compliance with the Rhode Island Funeral Directing Board rules and regulations in regards to pre-financed funerals. All contracts are in compliance and filed accordingly to ensure your money is allocated properly. We encourage you to call for an information-only conference to answer any questions. Please remember all questions are important questions.

Merchandise Products
We offer a wide variety of wood and metal caskets, urns, cemetery liners and burial vaults as well as keepsakes.